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New post at the new blog

I know a lot of you still follow me on this blog, maybe even wondering why I never update it anymore. Actually, I do update my blog, but it has moved to another address:! Here’s today’s article: Use a wildcard in Excel to make SUMIFS and COUNTIFS more flexible If you’re using a non-English version … Continue reading

A New Blog!

When I started this blog I didn’t expect more than a few readers a week. Actually, I thought a blog would be a good means of structuring my thoughts and ideas, and I was happy if anyone bothered to read it. After a while, it turned out that a lot more than a few people … Continue reading

The Easy Way to Calculate Grades in Excel

An updated version of this post has been published on my new site:   How can we calculate the grades (A-F) in Excel if we have the test results as numbers? We know that a score of 90% or higher is an A, 80-89% is a B, 70-79% is a C, 65-69% is a D … Continue reading

Find Duplicates and Triplicates in Excel

A NEW VERSION OF THIS POST HAS BEEN PUBLISHED HERE: Is there an easy way to highlight duplicates in a list in Excel? If you just want to remove duplicates, you can use the Advanced Filter or the built-in Remove Duplicates feature, but what if you want to keep the duplicates in the list and … Continue reading

Create a search field in Excel in 5 minutes

A NEW VERSION OF THIS POST HAS BEEN PUBLISHED HERE: Is it possible to create a search field in Excel, without using VBA? Yes, and it’s easy! We will use Conditional Formatting to highlight the fields that match the search string. For example, if you look at the table below, we want to highlight row … Continue reading

Copy as Picture in Excel

If you copy and paste from an Excel workbook into e.g. Word, everything suddenly looks different. The gridlines disappear, and Word might also change the width of the columns and the height of the rows. What we want to do is to take a snapshot; to copy as a picture. But how? In Excel 2007 … Continue reading