Show file path in Excel

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Maybe you want to e-mail a link to an Excel file to your colleagues (instead of sending the file as an attachment), or maybe you forgot where you just saved the file you’re working on. In any case, we need to find the location of the file; the file path.

This is not shown in Excel by default, and they have hidden it well, so bookmark this page in case you need to do this again someday in the future!

Excel 2010 with File Path:

Excel 2007 with File Path:

If the file is saved on a server, you can actually copy and paste the Excel file path and e-mail it to your colleagues. If they have access to the same server, they should be able to click on the link an open the file from there. A lot better than e-mailing the file as an attachment!

You only have to do it once – when you make any changes in the Quick Access Toolbar, they apply to all Excel documents.

Here’s how to do it in Excel 2010:

1. File => Options

2. Choose All Commands in the drop-down and scroll down to and choose Document Location.

3. Click Add

It’s done almost the same way in Excel 2007:

1. Office button => Excel Options => Customize

2. Choose All Commands in the drop-down and scroll down to and choose Document Location.

3. Click Add
Author: Audun Danielsen


6 thoughts on “Show file path in Excel

    • Good day

      I wonder if you could help me. I sent an attachment to my colleague and the excel files are working perfectly on their computer, but as soon as my colleague sends the excel file as an attachment the file does not contain all the information that he put on the sheet. The file does not show the updated data on the receivers side of the email. What can we do to fix that problem? I would really appreciate any help on this.


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for this, but it appears that I don’t have the “Document Location” option, why do you think that is? I have Excel 2010.

    Thank you,
    Jordan K.

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