A New Blog!

When I started this blog I didn’t expect more than a few readers a week. Actually, I thought a blog would be a good means of structuring my thoughts and ideas, and I was happy if anyone bothered to read it.

After a while, it turned out that a lot more than a few people found their way to this blog – actually more than 500 a day – so I decided to get my own domain: www.easy-excel.com.

If you have found my articles useful, please have a look at my new site and follow me there. Some of the articles will be updated versions of articles from this blog, but I have a lot of new, cool Excel tricks in the pipeline as well!

Thank you all for following me, and welcome to my new site!



One thought on “A New Blog!

  1. I have a huge spreadsheet and I want to create a IF statement that will check each row and if the numbers are the same in each cell, I want column to display TRUE; if the numbers are not the same, I want FALSE to display. Can you help me?

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