Copy as Picture in Excel

If you copy and paste from an Excel workbook into e.g. Word, everything suddenly looks different. The gridlines disappear, and Word might also change the width of the columns and the height of the rows. What we want to do is to take a snapshot; to copy as a picture. But how? In Excel 2007 … Continue reading

Show file path in Excel

A new version of this post has been published here: Maybe you want to e-mail a link to an Excel file to your colleagues (instead of sending the file as an attachment), or maybe you forgot where you just saved the file you’re working on. In any case, we need to find the location of … Continue reading

Summarize hours in Excel

Sometimes it’s a little tricky to summarize hours in Excel. Let’s say you want to add together your working hours (or your employee’s). You make a table like this and use the SUM function to add them together. Look what happens: The sum is 13:45 instead of the expected 37:45. That’s 24 hours less than we … Continue reading

Excel: 2 + 2 = 5

How can 2+2 be 5? According to Excel it’s possible! Of course, Excel doesn’t make mistakes like that, so it’s down to how you use the application. If you’re not careful, you might deliver a report to your boss one day which concludes that 2+2 equals 5! Let’s increase the number of decimals: Now it … Continue reading

When Excel thinks that a number is a text

Have you ever imported data into Excel that won’t calculate? Look at this example where the earnings look like numbers to the human eye, but not to Excel. And when Excel is not able to identify any numbers, it can’t calculate any sums or averages either. This happens all the time if you use data … Continue reading

Avoiding constants in Excel formulas

In this post I will show how important it is to avoid constants in a formula. In my example I have a list of products with purchase price in three different currencies. The question is, how should we go about calculating the price in US Dollars for each product? The first way (=D5*1,3045) will get … Continue reading

Count characters in Excel!

A new version of this post has been published here: We often need to watch the length of what we write, for example for texts that will appear on a website. Typically, in a web shop the product introduction text has to be between x and y characters long in order to fit within the … Continue reading