Save Time By Changing Default Chart Template in Excel

Save your favourite chart settings

As I wrote in a previous post, the default charts in Excel don’t look very nice, and I described how you can make a column chart look great in just a few minutes. If you find yourself doing the same amendments every time you make a chart, it might be a good idea to save your settings and get your own chart design automatically every time!

This is how you do it: Make your chart the way you want, click on it once and choose the Design ribbon. Click Save As Template, name your template and save. You can save as many templates as you want.

Change Excel Chart Defaults

Change Excel Chart Defaults

Create a new chart from a template

To create a new chart from one of your templates, simply select one of the cells in your data table and click on the tiny square at the bottom of the Charts section of the Insert ribbon. This opens the Insert Chart window, where you can select any one of your templates.

Excel Chart Default

Excel Chart Default

Shortcut for Default Chart in Excel

This trick is one of my favourite tricks in Excel: There is a shortcut for creating a chart on the same worksheet:

Alt + F1

This shortcut will produce a chart in a split-second, based on your own settings as shown above.

More on charts:

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