Count characters in Excel!

A new version of this post has been published here:

We often need to watch the length of what we write, for example for texts that will appear on a website. Typically, in a web shop the product introduction text has to be between x and y characters long in order to fit within the frames.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is in Excel. This is extremely easy – it only takes a few minutes:

1. Type the text (a few minutes)

2. Type the formula (a few seconds)

Type this formula in B2:


Copy down.

It’s almost too easy!

Bonus trick: How to exclude the spaces from the count

Use the SUBSTITUTE function to remove the spaces: =SUBSTITUTE(A2,” “,””) and wrap it inside the LEN function:

=LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2,” “,””))    For US users

=LEN(SUBSTITUTE(A2;” “;””))    For European users

How does that work? Easy: The SUBSTITUTE function substitutes spaces, “ “, with nothing, “”.


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