Make your Excel report look awesome in 5 minutes!

In my last post I created an Excel Sales Report in 5 minutes. But before you send the report, you should spend another 5 minutes on the appearance. Most people don’t, so these 5 minutes are  well invested if you want to stand out from the crowd.

1. Headline (1 minute)

Write the name of the report in A1, e.g. “Sales Report, Week 43”. Make it bold and change the font size to 16:

2. Colours (1 minute)

Select A3, press the Shift key and use the right arrow to select all the categories. Select a nice colour:

3. Number formatting (1 minute)

Select columns D to H and choose Currency in the drop-down menu.

If you have a US version of Excel, the numbers will automatically get the standard US currency format $1,000.00. If you deal with another currency, you might want to omit the Dollar signs. In that case, choose Number instead.

4. Column width (1 minute)

With the columns D to H selected, you should also adjust the width of the columns to make it look nicer. Move the cursor between two columns, e.g. the little vertical line between the D and the E. When you move it to the left, all selected columns will be narrower.

5. Distinguish between input and output fields (1 minute)

Make it easy for the one who receives the report to find what he/she is looking for.

Input fields: Blue font, white background

Output fields (results): Black font, light grey background

Voilà, you have created a professional looking sales report in 10 minutes! If you want to spend 5 more minutes on the report, look out for my next post where we’ll use some cool Sum Functions that will impress your colleagues!


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